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Building Bridges Not Walls

Together we can build bridges and strengthen our communities. My mission is to have the conversations that matter. Let’s talk about working class people, equal outcomes not just opportunities, and getting the necessary resources in the hands of the people.

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What We Can Improve Together

Democratic Participation

“Tucson is such a special place and I want to take it to the next level by being a bridge that connects more people to engage with city governance because that is democratic participation.”

Why Support Her?

Lane Santa Cruz is a Tucson native and has worked for over a decade as a community advocate on issues of sexual/gender violence, food insecurity, migrant rights, and ethnic studies as well as serving as Council Aide to Ward 1 Council Member Regina Romero. Since obtaining her Ph.D. in 2016, she has taught courses in Mexican American Studies and Education at the University of Arizona.


Flourish Our Small Businesses, Arts & Culture

I am committed to continuing the investment in our families through the development and support of small and cooperative businesses. We need to continue cultivating a Tucson environment that celebrates diversity and bilingualism. Specifically, recognizing our Indigenous communities and our Tohono O’odham, Yaqui, and Mexican/Latinx relatives that are the foundation and folklore of the Old Pueblo. The culture and small business of Tucson has also been shaped by our Asian/Pacific Islander American, African American, Irish, and Jewish American communities and we can do more to foster those aspects of our City. Cultural sustainability requires a financial foundation and this is the important role small businesses and cooperatives play for our founding communities.

Build Bridges With Lane Santa Cruz


Knock on doors, send texts, make calls, host a fundraiser, get involved and lets endorse change together.


Tell us why you support Lane Santa Cruz for Ward 1 City Council.

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My Core Values

I am bilingual-bicultural and a testament to the resiliency of the people in the Southwest. At my core, I am an educator and community organizer. I’ve spent 4 years as Council Aide to the Ward 1 Council Office; 12 years in nonprofits and grassroots community efforts working on sexual/gender violence, food justice, migrant rights, DIY bicycle mechanics, and Ethnic Studies. Since obtaining my Ph.D., I teach courses in Mexican American Studies and Education at the University of Arizona and organize community bike rides on the Southside. I have a loving partner who teaches at Cholla High School and we share our lives with our four children, ages 11 to one.


Our Tucson members held a historic vote! We are thrilled to announce our endorsement for Regina Romero, candidate for Mayor of Tucson and for Lane Santa Cruz, candidate for Tucson City Council, Ward 1.

We received the Sierra Club Rincon Group’s endorsement! Thankful for all the lessons mamá earth teaches us. She knows how to heal herself, we need to stop the injury. - Lane Santa Cruz

Lane is the sort of compassionate and proactive person that will really stand for, and behind, the people of Tucson. Her reliability and strong dedication to community make her someone that I trust and want to see in City government!

Lane Santa Cruz has proven herself to be a fighter for the people as a Ward 1 Council Aide. She will bring the same values that she fought for as a public servant for Ward 1 to the City Council. This includes staunchly advocating to bring resources to the South and West sides and working hand-in-hand with the historic barrios of Ward 1 to preserve their culture and history. She will fight to ensure that our transit and transportation systems are safe and accessible to all - whether you bike, walk, drive, or take the bus to work. I wholeheartedly endorse Lane Santa Cruz for Ward 1 and encourage you to join me in supporting her candidacy.

It means a lot having community leaders that share our values and agree on our platform running for office. We look forward to crafting meaningful policy based on community feedback with both of these candidates when they get elected!

Lane represents everything I and many in my generation have worked for - a young, highly-educated Chicana/Latina, mother who has demonstrated genuine commitment to our community's well-being, who has worked on public poilicy and community development, and who possesses the leadership and integrity to create and implement the vision for the Tucson of Tomorrow. her consistent support and work for a city that is truly diverse, inclusive, and respectful of human rights for immigrants is evident in her life. My grandchildren deserve women, especially women of color, to take their role in boldly leading our communities to become fully healthy, prosperous, and harmonious. We would be so fortunate to call Lane our newest Council Member.

Being a Native Tucsonan and living in our Old Pueblo all of my life, I feel and see the urgency of preserving the last remaining history of our ancestry past with the spiritual respect that is well overdue. I sincerely believe Lane Santa Cruz will be the voice and representation our community needs in Scuk Son for the total benefit, betterment, health, safety, and economic development our families need to gain first. With Creator's Will and include the teaching of our Elders to conserve Mother Earth and wildlife that makes part of all living beings in the City of Tucson.

When I worked with Lane at the City of Tucson, I grew to trust and respect her. She is honest, smart, humble, hard-working, and passionate about serving the public. Lane believes everyone should have the same chance at success and security, and cares about injustice - whether faced by our LBGTQ+ community or any other group harmed by discrimination. I urge Tucson to choose Lane as our next Ward 1 City Council Member.

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Santa Cruz, you know that she is genuinely listening to your thoughts, concerns, and desired outcomes. I met her while organizing a symposium on Fair Housing and she committed her time and effort because she stated she knew the importance of the dialogue we were trying to engage in. I endorse Lane because I believe in my heart she will fight for the people.

UFCW Local 99 endorses Lane Santa Cruz for Ward 1, Tucson City Council.

Our campaign and future in Ward 1 are committed to union labor within city contracts and a bright future of more organized, union Tucson workers! - Lane Santa Cruz

Las Adelitas

We are excited to announce our endorsement for Tucson's Ward 1 City Council member, Lane Santa Cruz. Her commitment to Tucson includes developing functional transportation systems, liveable communities and investment in our youth.

LUCHA - Living United for Change in Arizona
Rincon Group, Sierra Club
Monique Laraway Bicycle Technician
Matt Kearney Mass Liberation Organizer, LUCHA - Living United for Change in Arizona
Isabel Garcia Co-Founder, Derechos Humanos
Josefina Contreras Cardenas
Karin Uhlich Former City of Tucson Council Member, Ward 3
Andres A Portela Regional Education, Outreach, and Media Director of SWFHC
UFCW Local 99
Charlene Mendoza Las Adelitas Board Member

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2019 City of Tucson Election and Candidate of

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